GAI: episode 1 – installing / getting started with behave


admittedly, i hadn’t been paying too much attention during class on how to use behave 2, so the initial phase was a little bit rough for me

i did get everything to work right pretty much instantly, but i had no clue how to connect the behave structural elements to an actual game object ingame

i learned later, however, that the new intern at my old internship had made a fairly concise and understandable tutorial from which i was able to figure this step out:

part 1 and part 2

my own structure is fairly different, as this screenshot shows:Image

at this point the only thing i don’t have working yet is the flashlight waypoint, so it always fails

this is because i don’t think you’re able to use raycasts to detect whether a specific light is illuminating a surface.

the pathfinding is also fairly “dumb” only navigating 1 space ahead, but that’s because i want them to wander rather aimlessly, making them a bit more unpredictable.

i may want to change the structure up at some point, because it’s currently running through the entire tree every frame, but i’m not entirely sure how best to structure the tree

i also want to add a pickpocketing mechanic that should alert the AI, while giving the player either a key or a lockpick. that mechanic still has to be added.

the enemies also see you up to 100 meters, while the player can only see the enemy like 5-6 meters away, in terms of balancing it may be better to tweak that

lastly i feel the enemies lose the player a little too soon in open spaces (if you run right past the enemy, they lose track of you instantly) so i may want to tweak it so they can pathfind to the player for 4-5 seconds after losing track of them


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