Starting internship @ Twnkls in Rotterdam


This week is the start of my internship at TWNKLS,

We’re starting up this week with a small side project which, mixed in with working on the PID, should run for less than 2 weeks – it’s actually pretty close to being finished already. But as it’s not related to the internship’s context, i won’t divulge on the details of this project.
Since certain agreements still need to be made in terms of the progression of the “big project” the internship revolves around, the PID is not progressing terribly fast just yet. however progress is happening, I’ve reviewed the majority of the related documents and grabbed

Posts on here will be frequent, although perhaps not daily. and they will remain in English, since it is my preference to keep this blog internationally relevant and readable. Actual documentation for the internship will be written in dutch, however.

I will be writing the documentation using LaTeX to ensure correct typesetting, and I’ve already copied the original template as supplied by FHICT to ensure the content is still complete and correct


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