Semi-weekly TWNKLS internship update


Well, this “daily” thing quickly turned into 11 days since the last update…

The reason being that it’s been busy as hell. Since last Thursday i’ve been making 13+ hour days (if you include travelling) with Thursday itself being a peak at about 19 hours (which, granted, was for a significant part caused by travelling itself, where i tried travelling back through Tilburg, but figured out later that it was so late that the bus from Reusel to my house didn’t travel so late at night (it was midnight by the time i arrived there) so i had to walk home from there.

The reason it’s been so busy was the “small side project” i mentioned in my last post. I’ve since then realized it’s not small, nor is it a side project, because as it turns out, the software that was used to set up this project is the main focus of my internship, and it’s currently on display in the Amsterdam RAI.

My goal for this internship is, in very simple terms:

  1. check out what kind of issues exist in the current platform
  2. figure out what the final product should look/act like
  3. create a plan for how to change the current platform to work as expected
  4. actually execute the aforementioned plan
  5. evaluate whether my changes made the platform better, and which issues still exist

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