TWNKLS internship update #3


The past 2-3 weeks have been super hectic, which is part of the reason i haven’t written an update post here in this time, so I’ll do my best to sum up what’s been going on to the best of my abilities

Firstly I’ve been attempting to arrange a meeting to discuss the PID in more detail between the support group from both my education as well as the company. This has proven to be quite a difficult task since both parties have very full agendas, and aren’t always around, so even communicating plans back and forth has turned out to be somewhat of a headache. in addition the meetings that WERE arranged have all failed in some way or another up to this point, for similar reasons to why arranging the meetings has been troublesome.

next to that I’ve recently received news that my student transport permit has expired, this message showed up in my inbox less than a week before the expiration, so I’ve spent pretty much that entire week looking for a way to make this work in a way that wouldn’t put me in a very difficult spot financially, fortunately TWNKLS has been kind enough to return at least part of these expenses for me.

Since the last update the company has also moved to a new location, namely the “groothandelsgebouw” in Rotterdam, in terms of travelling, this is even a little bit closer to Rotterdam Central station than the old location was.

there has also been some progress with regards to the actual project, I’ve spent a good 1.5 weeks analyzing the code related to the Yumble project, and there has been a meeting reviewing many of the experiences the roughly 1000 end-users testing the demo at EAS 2014 in Amsterdam. We do still need to have a meeting soon (probably tomorrow) about the technical changes between the “stock” platform, and the version that ended up in the EAS demo, what kind of things dev-users might like to see changed for the final version, and how the platform can change to accommodate for the observed experiences observed in end-users during EAS. This is, once again, taking a bit longer than i would have liked because everyone is super busy with various projects.

I’ve also been introduced to how Jira is used within TWNKLS for time/project management, and I’ve spent a good full day backtracking in this application to log all work done up to this point.

*end of internship-specific update*

I’ve also been working on writing some minor code sections for another running project, this is not necessarily relevant to the main project, but does help explain the lack of time to spend on administrative business such as this blog.

in my off-time i’m currently working on a dynamic content generation platform(as a plan for the future), and the rest of running a household has been getting somewhat more hectic as well (if only because i basically have less than 2 hours of free time per day at home)