Dallas shooting


the statistical fact that a black person is 4-6 times as likely to kill someone (blacks, at 13% of population, are responsible for about an equal number of black deaths as whites, at 78% of population, are of white deaths) has nothing to do with why blacks are killed 2.75 times as often, obviously

if you do the math, that means that if a cop assesses the same risk of being shot by a black and a white person, he will actually be more likely to shoot the white person than he is to shoot the black person(by about 45%)

you know what’s ACTUALLY racist?

that the ~575 annual white victims of police violence are all but ignored, yet the ~300 annual black ones get days upon days of media coverage and that they (and to some extent this article) attempts to justify the actions of BLM

and labelling this as extremism is equally BS, as evidenced by this 2014 BLM protest in NY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_qkvXLuGsc
where they’re chanting “shoot back” and “what do we want – dead cops – when do we want them – now”

a rally that was ALSO followed by the multiple homicide of police officers, “fortunately” this time it was “merely” two of them

furthermore, here’s is what’s showing up on twitter in response to the dallas shooting:

https://twitter.com/sjw_nonsense/status/751264716069101569 (full thread)


also some… interesting… media coverage on BLM:

BLACK LIVES MATTER ORGANIZERS Hacked Messages Show Plans For “Shutting Down GOP Convention”… “Disrupting Trump” And “Martial Law”


now i do agree it is important to not jump to conclusions, which is why i’ve spoken out here about the response on social media and not necessarily the motivations/identities of those involved in the shooting in dallas