Starting on my new sideproject


Screenshot 2014-02-01 22.08.14

here’s a little screenshot of my current project, those of you who can already see what it’s going to be, good for you

and here’s a random little artwork teaser(it’s pretty bad ATM)

pathing preview

just because i can, i added a little poll, so let me know what you want most 😉

possible control schemes might give a few more hints about the premise of the game:

Xbox 360:
left stick moves the background
right stick moves the reticule

pressing on left stick resets the background
pressing on the right stick resets the reticule
pressing on both control sticks resets everything (IE sets everything to the initial state, apart from controls)

D-pad selects different controls
A places the control
Y removes the control
X selects the blue channel
B selects the red channel

LB decreases speed
RB increases speed

Both other control schemes:
Mouse to click on controls and click-drag to place them,
right-click to remove controls
speed controls added to control “blocks”
button to swap colors
drag on playfield to move around
no reticule
button to reset

mouse + keyboard scheme
adds keyboard shortcuts to everything but dragging the playfield